lauantai 1. marraskuuta 2014

The Hat Man

I wanted to share a story with you guys. And since it's Halloween season it is a supernatural story.

I've always been fascinated by ghost and horror stories and I'm, what some might call, a sceptic believer of all things other worldly. I'm like Fox Mulder - I want to believe.
I'm not clair voyant, psychic, medium nor do I possess any kind of supernatural powers. But I do believe we all have that sixth sense that sometimes pops up and activates. And maybe during those moments of "clarity" we see things we don't usually experience.

This happened to me for the first time over a year ago and it has happened at least four times. Never ever has anything like this happened to me before.

It's usually in the hour of beign slightly awake and almost asleep when he comes. For the first time I saw him walking in our living room. Before he appeared I felt his presence - I heard somekind of walking sounds. Then he silently moved across the room and vanished behind the kitchen wall. I screamed at my boyfriend that "LOOK! There's someone there!!" and I was so terrified. I thought that someone had broken into our apartment and maybe he is going to hurt my cats or something.
My boyfriend had to assure me that there was no one there and that I had imagined it. Then he asked what was it that I thought I saw. The figure was a 190 cm tall, slim man with a hat. The figure was all black so I couldn't see his face. After a while I fell asleep again and I slept okey the rest of the night. I had to check the door first of course.

Few weeks later I saw him again. This time he was in our walking closet that's in our bed room. We usually leave the door open and there he was again! In the dead of night I felt that someone was moving in the closet! This time he was clearly looking for something because he was standing infront of the shelves and his arms were reaching the top shelf. This time I wasn't afraid - I just screamed at him that "HEY! You're not supposed to be there! Go away!". My boyfriend was super happy that I had ONCE AGAIN woken him up with my screams. xD But the black figure in a black hat was gone.

Third time was a time that I didn't pay too much attention to him. I just saw him pass me by when I was in bed. He is looking for something but I don't know what.

Fourth time was about the same as the third.

I did some Googleing like any good investigator does and I found out that I'm not the only one seeing a hat wearing slim-ish man. He is obviously a very international fellow and I'm gonna call him Hat Man like many others have as well.

So that's my story of encountering supernatural or un-explainable things. Have you had any experiences? I'm eager to hear them so write them in my comment box. :) You can use English of Finnish.

-Sanna XoXo

I don't own the pictures and they were found through Google.