sunnuntai 24. elokuuta 2014

Sugar Crush Gradient Nails

So this time I'll be posting only in English. Should I keep just to one language? I don't know. I'm conflicted so that's why I keep changing my mind so much :D

One of my favourite pasttime activities lately has been painting my nails. I've managed to grow my nails over a month now (just waiting for them to crack...) and I keep toying with different colors and textures. My latest texture favourite is sugar coats and polishes. And yes, these are my own nails.

I got inspired my the ombre and gradient look on the nails and found some tutorials from Youtube. This was one of them:

Underneath my nailpolish I use Trind Nail Repair Color Pearl. It makes your nails stronger and at least mine have grown a lot with the help of this miracle polish.

As you can see I'm almost out of my miracle ointment... Gotta buy more!

Isadora makes great nail polishes but this has to be one of my favourites. You just gotta love them! They sparkle and glitter and have a really vibrant color. I used three shades for my nails: 102 Metal Crush, 106 Pink Crush and 110 Turquoise Crush.

And psssst! These are on sale in all Anttila Stores! They're just 4,90€ with K-Plussa -card. So hurry hurry hurry! The sale ends at 31st of August.

I have bought every single one myself and I do not get any profit from this post. Thank you. <3