sunnuntai 3. marraskuuta 2013

Twilight Bella -contact lenses

I forgot to show you a picture of my Twilight Bella -contact lenses. So here they are! And my lovely vampire eye make up as well. :) I was thinking of making this look a daily routine make up for work. What do you think? ;D

Stupid photo but so funny xD

Halloween 2013

This posting is completely in English because I'm lazy and don't want to think in two languages. Thank you for understanding.

Oh hi everyone! I've dyed my hair a bit since last time. Little bit of bleaching, silver shampoo and Turquoise from Directions.

This Halloween we had a small gathering amongst friends in Ninni's and Sami's place in Martinlaakso. Food was good and filling and all the girls were dressed (only one guy was dressed... you'll see in the pictures what his character was :P).

I was dressed up as a vampire. I had fangs and everything but those little bastards wouldn't stay on! So I just wore make up and hair and Twilight Bella -contact lenses. Clothes I pulled out of my wardrobe - skirt is self made, corset and bolero were purchased about 13 years ago from Morticia. Sari bought her Zombie pirate -outfit from Aprilli.

Tiina the Witch

Almost all the girls - pic taken by Ari

Mandatory kawaii -moment :D - pic taken by Tiina

Ninni, Tiina, Sari and me - pic taken by Ari

Sari, OH MY GOD IT'S TUKSU! -Ari and me. Ari had by far the scariest outfit. I know I have some foreign readers so this is for you: Johanna Tukiainen aka Tuksu

Huh huh, he's back to himself. Thank god it ended. xD

My lovely pirate zombie Sari and her Matti Nykänen -drink

Me as the designated driver :) (had to got to work today and I hate to work when hung over...)

Another Mandatory kawaii -moment! Ari is like "WTF"... x)

Us girls once again :)

Sari... need I say more?

Hope you had a nice halloween! I sure did. :)